FirstClass | Asset Tracker

Track organization resources and assets to within districts or companies, in multiple schools or offices, with many staff members, students, and clients.

First Class Asset Tracker - fcAssetTracker - allows district office staff to access and manage tracked assets of the organization. Item checkouts are managed with the ease of a barcode scanner and these items can be viewed by all involved. fcAssetTracker can be adapted for non-school district organizations requiring management and tracking of resources or assets with customers and employees.

As a FirstClass® resource management “add-on” application, fcAssetTracker is the solution to managing and tracking textbooks and resources directly within FirstClass. Exploiting the ability to locate your FirstClass server at a central office, it is not necessary to provision a server for every school. As fcSchool is platform independent, it can be accessed from any Windows or Mac computer using the FirstClass client.

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