FirstClass | LearnerPlan

Facilitated student learning plan (IEP/IPP) Management.

Great for student performance and individual education program plan (IEP/IPP) management, fcLearnerPlan provides administrators and teachers the ability to access and manage facilitated learning plans accurately and efficiently, anytime…anywhere! fcLearnerPlan can also be configured for student and parent access, to assist in maximizing student support and potential.

As a FirstClass® school management “add-on” application, fcLearnerPlan™ is the solution to managing and tracking facilitated learning plans, such as Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) or Individualized Program Plans (IPPs), online and within a FirstClass system. fcLearnerPlan allows access of administrators and staff members to all learning plans at all stages of development that are within their area of responsibility. The format of fcLearnerPlan is straightforward to navigate, and provides secure access from home and school.

Exploiting the ability to locate your FirstClass server at a central office, it is not necessary to provision a server for every school. As fcSchool is platform independent, it can be accessed from any Windows or Mac computer using the FirstClass client.

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"Prairie Rose School Division #8 has seen immediate benefit from using the fcLearnerPlan IPP program. The software is very intuitive and has been customized to suit our needs.  The training was very specific.  The tech support team at Bramm Technologies is very quick to respond and has been very helpful.  Use of the program has clarified the standard within our school division for writing IPP's"

Brian Andjelic, Deputy Superintendent
Prairie Rose School Division #8