FirstClass | Timesheet

Employee Activity Management and Time Tracking.

fcTimesheet simplifies the management of employee timesheets by allowing for the entering, review, modification, and saving of timesheets as well as by producing summary reports. Right from a single FirstClass server, fcTimesheet can be used company-wide, in multiple departments, with many staff members. As a FirstClass® employee activity management “add-on” application, fcTimesheet™ is the solution to timesheet management needs. Employees can complete timesheets quickly and accurately while managers are informed where hours are spent.

fcTimesheet realizes your operation is unique and therefore offers a wide range of set up options to customize your timesheet needs for employees, departments and activities. Exploiting the ability to locate your FirstClass server at a central office, it is not necessary to provision a server for every school. As fcSchool is platform independent, it can be accessed from any Windows or Mac computer using the FirstClass client.

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