Support Services

FirstClass Consulting

Optimize your existing FirstClass system by having Bramm Technologies review your system's set up to ensure you are maximizing FirstClass' potential in meeting the needs of your organization. Bramm Technologies can perform systems conversions along with the installing and configuring of FirstClass Directory Services.

System Design and Review

Take advantage of Bramm Technologies' experience and knowledge in renovating and optimizing your organization's existing FirstClass system.

Remote Administration and Support

Bramm Technologies provides remote administrator support ot step in and help with server restarts, upgrades, and maintenance.

FirstClass Hosting

If your organization does not have its own server, Bramm Technologies is pleased to host and maintain your organization's FirstClass server right in our offices.

User Training

Call on Bramm Technologies to lead a workshop or train-the-trainer session, or to create online training videos, FAQ tips, or documentation on FirstClass or on any solutions provided by Bramm Technologies. Take advantage of the expertise that Bramm Technologies' staff has to offer.

Application Implementation

Bramm Technologies will not promote an application until an analysis is conducted to ensure your organization's requirements can be met. Upon confirmation by the analysis, Bramm Technologies will work with you and your organization to install and set up the application. We will provide data import services, training, online resources, ongoing email and phone support. Client feedback is encouraged and therefore Bramm Technologies provides a means for clients to make product enhancement suggestions and then create roadmap documents so clients know what's coming in future versions of the application. In turn, we will help clients with the product and application updates and provide some degree of access to customize solutions to further meet your organization's suggestions.